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A short description of the history of the church and why it is special.

In 1931, pastor Jānis Rozentāls began serving in the half-broken congregation. Statistical data for 1938: 2780 parishioners, 35 baptized, 22 ordained, 11 couples married, 49 buried.
In 1944, the pastor emigrated to Germany, but the Ropaži parish continues to exist. At the beginning of the 1990s, the congregation (on average 5 to 10 people) gathers in the Ropaži cemetery.

In 1944, after a shell hit the tower, the duplex burned down. The congregation restored the building and the equipment and services were held there until Easter 1954, when the church was taken away from the congregation by the Soviet occupation. The beautiful temple was looted and destroyed by the forces of the robbers themselves, turning it into ruins.

During many years of the Soviet occupation, church services were held in the Ropaži cemetery.

In 1997, the church service in the ruins of the church was renewed.

What drives us forward?

Ropaži Church is a place where faith blooms and hope shines. The church is like a garden of light in which every believer is part of the community. This community is united through faith and hope in God’s love. The mission of the church is to give the peace of faith and the strength of hope to those who enter our garden. In the garden of light, faith finds strength in roots deeply rooted in the name of God. Like a flower whose roots draw strength from the earth and the rays of light, we too grow and develop in this Garden of Light.

Our goal is to share the gospel with the local community by organizing evangelistic events. To promote the liturgical experience of church services, which allows you to grow in faith in God and love for people. Strengthen the connection with the surrounding community by building relationships with local organizations, holding public events or starting service projects. Establish or expand educational programs such as Sunday school classes, confirmation courses or adult Bible studies.

Church leadership

Zigurds Erciņš

The head of the church

tel. 26537255

e-pasts: zigurds.ercins@gmail.com

Rolands Pētersons

Pastor of the church

tel. 26785896

e-pasts: rolandpeterson@inbox.lv

Guntis Bretšteins

Deputy head of the parish

tel. 29604505

e-pasts: b.guntis@inbox.lv

Anta Indriksone


tel. 29235600

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